The Fail-Proof Q4 Plan

The Fail-Proof Q4 Plan


The Fail Proof Q4 Plan is a 1 on 1 virtual coaching session. Together we’ll create your Fail Proof Q4 Plan so you can feel confident that you’ll make progress to your goals in Q4. You’ll walk away with an actionable plan that takes the guesswork out of how you should be spending your time and energy.

This experience is for you if:

➡️You’re a solopreneur or an individual in a sales position.

➡️You’re kinda flying by the seat of your pants.

➡️You find yourself feeling like you’re spinning your wheels but not making the progress you’d like to make.

➡️You’re ready to commit to a plan that’s in alignment with the vision you have for yourself and your business.

What’s included:

➡️A 60-90 minutes virtual session with me

➡️A written plan for Q4 that will be shared with you at the conclusion of our meeting.

➡️Peace of mind. 😉

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What we'll do together:

⓵ Create 2-3 Goals for Quarter 4

⓶ Develop related action items for each goal

⓷Create a Quarter 4 Calendar that will help you stay on track to meet your goals

⓸ Develop a daily routine that's aligned to your goals

⓹ Finally, Make IT Happen!

This is for you if:

➡️You're currently flying by the seat of your pants.

➡️You know you're meant for something great but just don't know quite how to get there.

➡️You've got a vision, but not a plan.

➡️You've been putting your hopes and dreams on the back-burner.

➡️You know that "READY" is just a decision.