The Make IT Happen Mini-Mastermind

The Make IT Happen Mini-Mastermind


The Make IT Happen MiniMastermind is a 4 week LIVE online group program that has been designed to support you in developing a strategic plan with action steps you’ll take in the last quarter of 2019 to make progress to your goals. It’s about being intentional about how you spend your time and being part of a supportive community of women who are all willing to invest in themselves and do the work alongside you.

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The Make it Happen Mini-Mastermind is for you, if you're:

➡️still kinda flying by the seat of your pants 🙊

➡️sure that you're onto something but not exactly sure what to do next 🤔

➡️ready to create consistent income 💰

➡️excited about making a plan that works 📝

➡️seeking a community of like minded women 👯‍♀️

➡️ready and/or willing to do the damn thing 😉

This LIVE group course will help you develop the strategic plans and overcome some of the mindset blocks that are keeping you from being where you wanna be in your business.

What’s Included:

(4) 1 Hour Online LIVE Sessions that take place weekly beginning September 16th (time and date TBD by participants)

(1) Workbook Download with Q4 Planning Template and Reflection Questions

(1) 1 Hour One on one Session (valid only if purchased by September 8, 2019)