It's Gonna Take a Whole Lotta Hustle


Look Ladies,

For an entire year, a whole freaking year, I introduced myself as a coach.

This was before I ever had a client, before I ever got certified, before I ever even dreamed that being an entrepreneur was even possible for me. And you know what happened?

People started saying, “This is my friend Candice. She’s a coach.”

That small shift in my own language lead to a snowball effect.

I started taking small actions and noticing small wins that kept me committed to becoming a coach. It didn’t all happen at once, as a matter of fact, it’s still happening every. single. day.

It’s taken a whole lotta hustle. As my business grows, I’m constantly learning new things and sometimes it can feel overwhelming. When it does, I remind myself that Oprah wasn’t built in a day.

It’s okay to be where I am and just keep taking the next right steps. I have a plan for my hustle and you should too. It’s gonna take a whole lotta hustle and that’s ok.