Embracing A Little Woo-Woo

Mindset matters.

When our mind is clear and aligned, we can take mindful action in the direction of our dreams. Here’s the thing, if we’re constantly stressed and overwhelmed, it’s hard to see past the weeds. 

But taking time each day to meditate, pray and care for your spirit is an investment in your future. When your mind is clear, you can envision the life you actually want, you’ll notice opportunities are more readily available to you and the things you once thought were devastating will somehow seem insignificant.

When I was transitioning from my full time gig in education to my own coaching business, the struggle was real! Each day I had to pull myself together to go to this job (that had once been my dream job) and pretend that I was ok. I wasn’t. 

Things were hard and I often wondered why.

On the surface not much had changed. I made good money, had a flexible work schedule, truly cared about the work I was doing. But, what I wasn’t ready to admit was that what had changed was me. I had new dreams for my life and I knew this job was allowing me to continue to play small. I felt called to do something big but I just wasn’t sure what that meant. I questioned myself a ton. Was I being ungrateful? Shouldn’t I just be happy, after all this is the job I wanted? The point here is, I had to experience discomfort before I had the courage to commit to change and what allowed me to come to terms with what I actually wanted was my commitment to my spiritual practices. 

You might be there now, in a soul-sucking job, feeling super unfulfilled and unhappy, knowing that you’re meant for more. If that’s you, commit to exploring that. Take time each day to embrace a little woo-woo, read about the law of attraction, make a vision board, meditate, pray, demonstrate gratitude. Don’t worry about doing it wrong. Don’t worry about it feeling strange. Just commit to doing it. In as little as two weeks, things will change, small shifts will happen and you’ll begin to see a path you hadn’t before.

Trust it. 

Candice Morales